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 Analog Instruments Ltd is proud to introduce the Elementum 12” tonearm.


The Elementum [Lat] ‘Natural Element’ 

The Elementum features a composite arm wand of Titanium, Cocobolo, which is rigidly mounted to the Brass bearing housing and gimbal assembly. Only the highest quality stainless steel bearings are used. Many features discovered during the R&D of the Apparition and Siggwan tonearms have also been utilised thus resulting in an arm that I am truly proud of. One other important feature of the Elementum is it's styling which was designed to match 'super decks' of the past. It also wouldn't look out of place on a modern turntable.

NZ$2750 Tonearm (headshell not included) Check the Gallery section for more pictures.

Please feel free to discuss the Elementum tonearm if you have any questions: