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Welcome to Analog Instruments Limited...

Analog Instruments Limited is a small company based in Pukekohe, New Zealand. I love vinyl play back and vintage turntables, it's my hobby! Out of this obsession my company was born. Please feel free look around my website and contact me if you have any questions.








Please note a new Tonearm development is underway and this can be followed by checking out the Analog Instruments Facebook page (se link on right). 

The new arm will be Brass with a Titanium arm wand damped with segments of Cocobolo. It will feature a detachable headshell and styling will be in line with the Siggwan so will look great on vintage decks. SME manufacture the sheadshell sockets and new KLE plugs will be used with the Cardas 33 wire. This will be a traditional gimballed tonearm utilising high precision, noise sensitve bearings out of Japan mounted with a preload system to eliminate any bearing race chatter. I have sourced these specifically for the design.


Heres a teaser but check out my Facebook page!


Prototype 4. Note the armwand is NOT representive of the final Titanium armwand in shape or size.