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Welcome to Analog Instruments Limited...

Analog Instruments Limited is a small company based in Pukekohe, New Zealand. I love vinyl play back and vintage turntables, it's my hobby! Out of this obsession my company was born. Having tinkered, restored and re-plinthed my old Lenco 75, several Garrards and designed and built many tonearms including my Apparition 12 Cocobolo and brass tonearm, I'd now like to introduce my next tonearm, Siggwan 12. Please look around my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




The  Siggwan 12 tonearm is the result of building upon the success of the Apparition 12 platform to bring an even more finely tuned tonearm. The Siggwan 12 now incorporates a hydraulic damped lifter, Eichmann ETI Tellurium copper RCA plugs, re-designed anti-skate system, re-designed bearing/wand interface, longer Cardas cable run, a more functional finger lift and a new armrest. The visual aspect of the Siggwan 12 is similar to the Apparition 12 and is the natural evolutionary step forward.

New Zealand Dollars $1480


Please note that Cocobolo is a natural product that comes in many different colours and shades. These may vary from the pictures shown in my gallery. Check my technical page for the link to a page showing different 'Cocobolo' samples. This is not my stock. It is a gallery of the difference in colours and shades found in this species of wood.