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 Analog Instruments Ltd is proud to introduce the Elementum 12” tonearm.


**Orders open now. First five target for shipping at the end of February.


The Elementum [Lat] ‘Natural Element’ is a unique tonearm that has been designed and tested with several important objectives in mind. The arm must sound free from artificial or mechanical strain, ie it must have a natural tone and fully communicate the mood expressed by the artist. The arm should do this in a way that keeps you excited and encourages you to explore your valuable vinyl collection. The Elementum has a powerful and exciting presentation that will keep you fully engaged and non fatigued during long sessions.

This has been achieved by many hours of listening to the 20+ prototype arm variations until the required results were found. These listening sessions included group listens by my audio friends who I encouraged to be very frank and honest! 

The Elementum features a composite arm wand of Titanium, Cocobolo, Brass and Aluminium which is rigidly mounted to the Brass bearing housing and gimbal assembly. Only the highest quality bearings are used, which are conditioned individually prior to fitting in the bearing housing. Both the horizontal and vertical bearings have a unique subtle pre-load mechanism to lightly take up any gap between the roller bearings and their associated race. This system keeps the bearing pre-loaded throughout its entire life resulting in rigidity against the natural forces fedback by the interaction between the stylus and the vinyl groove. Many features discovered during the R&D of my Apparition and Siggwan tonearms have also been utilised thus resulting in an arm that I am truly proud of. One other important feature of the Elementum is it had to look correct on vintage super decks of the past and exhibit a certain ‘look’ that will honour the greatness of those decks.


NZ$2250 Tonearm (headshell not included) Check the Gallery section for more pictures.

  •  Note that unlike the Siggwan, a 20-22mm hole will need to be bored to clear the bearing column. I did this with a blade drill and cordless drill. A very easy task which took 5 mins from calculating the hole position. The headshell shown is not included.


Please feel free to discuss the Elementum tonearm if you have any questions: